06. Sage Pastel Partner V18 Advantage Accounting

06. Sage Pastel Partner V18 Advantage Accounting

Sage Pastel:
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(Annual Subscription Product - from year two)

ANNUAL Subscription: 1 User:R5,861; 2 User:R6,819; 3 User:R7,777; 4 User:R8,735;  5 User: R9,693

MONTHLY Subscription: 1 User:R488;  2 User:R568;  3 User:R648;  4 User:R728;  5 User: R808


Purchase this product online, pay with your Credit Card, and then use the following link to download the latest version of your software.  The relevant serial numbers and Tax Invoice will be sent to you on receipt of a valid payment.

If you’d would like to receive DVD as well, please send us an email.  We will courier it at no extra charge.

Need additional assistance? Please call us:
Support Contact Centre – 011 791-6262

Download: Sage Pastel Partner or Xpress Software

 Select the following links:

  1. Application Tab:                                                                                                  Sage Pastel Accounting Partner Version 18 Build 18.2.1 - 110mb file OR                     Sage Pastel Accounting Xpress Version 18 Build 18.2.1
  2. Additional Downloads TAB:                                                                        Pervasive PSQL V10 Workgroup  125mb file




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